At The Bike Peddler we are proud to be a resource and a clearinghouse for the information and skills that can enrich your cycling life. Communicating our love for cycling is a two-way street. We talk, we listen, and all the riding we do intensifies our commitment to ensuring that you get the right bike for your needs and that once you have it, your bike performs at its very best. When we sell you a bike, we want to know that you’re going to enjoy riding it. We want to welcome you to our world. Come on in and see how we can enrich your cycling adventure. If it has two wheels and is human powered, we dig it. Mountain, road, BMX, jumping, trials, freestyle, commuting, track, touring, racing, sightseeing, riding with friends, spouses, kids, grandkids, pets, errands – there is no end to the ways we can enjoy cycling.