We Have Shimano Ultegra Di2!

For the past four years, professional riders have been riding Shimano Dura-Ace components with Di2 electronic shifting technology over the highest mountains, the roughest cobbles, and through the most extreme weather conditions imaginable. As of this year, Shimano Ultegra was also outfitted with this groundbreaking technology.
What are its characteristics? Just the same as Dura-Ace: changing gears becomes easier and faster by simply touching the shift buttons. Di2 continues these successes with Shimano Ultegra. Additional benefits include an automatically-trimming front derailleur, greater shift accuracy and simple adjustment.  And it makes no difference if these roads are cobbles, tarmac or mud.
Ultegra Di2 has been built upon the experience of countless professional riders. If it works for them, then it will work for you.

Come on in and try out the latest in electronic shifting!