Thank you and Good Tidings to all

Here at the Bike Peddler, we are blessed with the opportunity to meet so many interesting, bright, charismatic and talented people.  Occasionally, we are also extended the convenience to assist you with your bicycle repairs, equipment purchases, day-to-day activities and oral hygiene. However, this year we were privileged to be on the receiving end for many generous gifts from our incredible customers, family members and team-mates.

Words cannot express how thankful we are for the salsa, cookies, beer, holiday snacks, fresh beef jerky, popcorn, chocolates, fudge, oranges, bread, beer, cheese, smiles, handshakes, beer, cookies and cashews! We are very fortunate that our customers are the reason for the season.

Joe and the rest of us would like to extend a humongous thank you for all your support, encouraging words, funny anecdotes and challenging repairs!

Happy New Year!