Tag Your Bicycle and Beat The Thief


If you rely upon and love your bicycle, protect it with a Bicycle ID Kit from Krytonite, the Bike Shepherd and the Bike Peddler.

Each kit contains 3 tough, tamper-resistant, weatherproof and scannable tags:


Bicycle thieves despise traceable bikes and our tags are a great visible deterrent. If a thief succeeds in getting one tag off, there are still 2 more to get through (hide them on inconspicuous areas of your frame). Even if the thieves manage to take off all three, the serial number engraved on the bicycle still links you to your bike. Follow these simple steps to ensure your investment continues to stay YOUR investment:

  1. Tag your bike with a Pulse ID Tag, purchased from the Bike Peddler.
  2. Register your bicycle – it’s free!
  3. Download the Bike Scanner App.
  4. ALWAYS! Lock your bicycle.

Why register? Your serial number is the only thing that connects you to your bicycle. Registration is free and it includes: a certificate of registration, your bicycle will be listed in the Global Bicycle Database, a free mobile bike scanner application and a subscription to Community Stolen Bicycle Alerts.

Join the ever-growing army of Bike Detectives! Anyone with a smartphone and the free app can scan bikes tagged with PULSE ID tags. If you see a suspicious bike tagged with a PULSE ID tag, use your phone to scan the bike. The QR code contained in the tag links to the Bike Shepherd website and will tell you if the bike is stolen. If it is, click the CONTACT US button and provide Bike Shepherd with the location details; alerts will go out to the police, local clubs, shops and every Bike Detective!

Get your own set of PULSE ID TAGS and BEAT THE THIEF!