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We happily work on bikes from all eras. Not sure what’s wrong with your bike? We can do a quick assessment to identify the problem and then provide an estimate of the cost to get you back rolling.

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Bike Fitting – Body Geometry and Retul Fit

Your bike should be comfortable and work in concert with your body. If it’s not, there are ways to make it so. This magical element is the bike fit process.

Our expert bike fitter has over 20 years of experience of fine-tuning bikes so that they provide more comfort and performance for their riders. We couple a comprehensive fit process with Retul technology to gain precise data about your range of motion and how your body performs while cycling a particular bike set up.

Using this data, we can 1) help you find the perfect bike and/or 2) pin-point very specific contact points on your existing bike that may need additional adjustments to better suit your body and riding style.

For more information or to schedule an appointment, please give us a call at 503-399-7741 or email us.

Education / Pure Fun

Bringing people together is a passion of ours. We host weekly yoga sessions, bike maintenance classes, and a monthly women’s ride.

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