National Women’s Ride Day

This year the Bike Peddler and Specialized are promoting national Women’s Ride Day on March 18th. This series of events will be hosted by Specialized Dealers who share the commitment to getting more women riding. Each event will be centered around an organized on-or-off road ride that caters to a wide range of riding abilities, creating an enjoyable and memorable experience.

Starting at 9:00 am this March 18th, join your friends and fellow riders at the Bike Peddler for an organized road ride, led by an experienced Bike Peddler girl! Refreshments will be available and so will several test bikes! Whether you own your own ride or are in the process of determining what bicycle interests you, don’t miss this opportunity to get some real hands-on experience with the best staff, equipment and bicycles Salem has to offer. We are really looking forward to meeting all the new faces!

To sign-up for this event, please register for an account at by clicking the link to “register” under the signup/login section in the right hand column. After you create your account, login to it, set your preferences (if you wish) then continue to the Events section on the main page, select the event and click the button to book your spot! Or, feel free to come into the Bike Peddler and autograph the sign-up sheet at the front register. More information can be found by clicking here.

Have fun!