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May 3, 2012

National Bike Month 2012

National Bike Month is the unique opportunity to celebrate the brilliance of the bicycle and the reasons why we ride it. Whether you ride your bicycle to school, the store or work; to save time or money; to ensure continual good health or to protect the environment get involved in Bike Month in your city or state. Most[…]

April 27, 2012

Bike Month Kick Off Party

With Redray Frazier and Tom Nunes   May 2nd (First Wednesday) 6:00 pm Join us for music and bike talk. Redray Frazier and our own Tom Nunes will be performing at the Bike Peddler. Ray has toured and biked all over the world with David Byrne, author of The Bicycle Diaries. Redray will be sharing[…]