Bike Peddler Weekly Mountain Bike Rides

Hello riders,

Ever wanted to get out, into the wild, work on your single-track, cross-country, all-mountain and downhill skills?

Have you been wondering what all the buzz about Black Rock, Dallas, Silvercreek Falls and Shelburg is all about?

Well want and wait no more! Every Sunday, starting at 10:00 AM, join Joel Cleland, Eric Vickers and many other Bike Peddler employees on a afternoon group mountain bike ride. The theme of the ride is XC and all ranges of riders are welcome; EVEN GIRLS! In fact, we highly encourage a female turnout and who knows, you might even get to ride with the amazing, talented and charismatic Michelle Cleland (she rules).

Bring your bike, your gear, your helmet and a great attitude. Remember, pack some food, tools and stay hydrated.

The group will meet at the Bike Peddler and, from there, decide the ride details/location and theme.

The ride scheduled for 2/24/13 will be headed to the Dallas trails. If weather is foul then we will ride the Falls City/Black Rock trails.

More information on subsequent rides can be located under our ‘Events’ link.

Have fun!