Are you a Nutcase?

Come check out the Bike Peddler’s new line of fun, creative, protective and inventive helmets. From Portland, Oregon, comes the helmet that loves your brain, the Nutcase Helmet!

Whether it’s bicycling, skating, snowboarding, skiing, windsurfing or whatever else your adventure throws your direction, the Nutcase Helmet offers you the appropriate protection and performance you deserve without having to compromise your individuality or freedom of expression. Other than looking super hip, funky and cool the Nutcase helmet offers these important features:

  1. Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) protective inner foam for high impact protection
  2. 360 Degree reflectivity. Front, back and side logos are reflective.
  3. ABS injection-molded shell is strong and long-lasting.
  4. Complies with the US Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) Safety Standard and tested by an independent, accredited lab.
  5. The Spin Dial gives you the perfect snug and comfortable fit. Included are four sets of foam pads for comfort.
  6. NO MORE PINCHING of your chin! The revolutionary Nutcase Magnetic Buckle also allows one-handed operation.
  7. Excellent Ventilation; 2 Front Vents, 7 Top Vents and 2 Rear Exhaust Portals.
  8. They make little kid sizes too!

Check out some of the stunning graphics….




  • NTG2-2001_Bike_Helmet_8Ball_compact
  • NTG2-2015M-Bike_Helmet-Blackdana_compact
  • NTG2-2013_Bike_Helmet_Dots_compact
  • NTG2-2005-Bike_Helmet-Candy_Swirl_compact
  • NTG2-2009_Bike_Helmet_Checkerboard_compact
  • NTG2-2003-Fly_Boy-Love_compact
  • NTG2-2038G_Bike_Helmet_Silver_Fly_compact
  • NTG2-2043_Bike_Helmet_Black_Plaid_compact
  • NTG2-2041-Bike_Helmet-Flower_Power_compact
  • NTG2-2044_Bike_Helmet_Watermelon_compact
  • NTG2-2055-Bike_Helmet-Drippy_compact
  • NTG2-2024M_Bike_Helmet_Urban_Caution_compact
  • NTG2-2058_Bike_Helmet_Purple_Pedals_compact
  • NTG2-2110M_Bike_Helmet_Stumptown_Woody_compact
  • NTG2-2111M_Bike_Helmet_Mellow_Swirl_compact
  • NTG2-2071M_Bike_Helmet_Pink_Cheetah_compact
  • NTG2-2072_Bike_Helmet_Love_compact
  • NTG2-2077_Bike_Helmet_Pop_Bullseye_compact
  • NTG2-2124-Bike_Helmet-Got_Luck_compact
  • NTG2-2125M-Bike_Helmet-Modern_Argyle_compact
  • NTG2-3009M_Bike_Helmet_Dutch_Orange_compact
  • NTG2-3000M_Bike_Helmet_Blackish_compact
  • NTG2-2126-Bike_Helmet-Ring_Of_Fire_compact
  • NTG2-3022M-Bike_Helmet-Atlantic_Blue_compact